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About The Site

About The Site

  1. Where can you become a member?

    You can become a member if you go to the homepage, and on the top, left corner of the white canvas, here will be your account status (Wether you are logged in or not, settings, and also where you can log out)

  2. Smiles?

    B-)  = 8)    <3 =Heart etc.    Same as gmail.

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Off Site (Hardware and Software)

  1. Where can I get the RobotC compiler?

  2. Where can I get Lego Mindstorms NXT

  3. Where can I get VEX

  4. Where can I get Tetrix

  5. Where can I get Cortex

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  1. Can I chat with my online friends via this site?

    Yes, in fact the Meebo Social bar does just that. 

    Here Is A Picture Of Where To Find It.


    Add on the Meebo bar doesn't hide any Icons.

  2. Privacy Policy

    To be answered later.

  3. Can I download Files?


    use this Sourceforge Link" target="_blank">

    If you have any problems, make sure to let us know.

    Thanks, The Rbootics Net CA Team

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